About Us

About Us

Our Standards Here at America Loans:

Turning your personal check into money in your hands seems to be the best options with Payday Cash Advances. Here at America Loans, we are honored to be affiliates within the Nationwide Marketing Corporation. Exchanging your personal checks into money appeared to be extremely powerful. Especially among the entire original association in the Community Financial Resource Association, also known as the CFRA. We want to inform you about us and our company.

CFRA, in addition to personal check into money, will provide continuous highly valued expectations which each and every associate must comply with. All across the entire world, CFRA assisted in supporting legal guidelines. This helps stabilize our clients interests together with those in this profession. We want to tell you about us. Learning about us and how our company works will give you an advantage. Our loans have providing thousands of people financial help. That is why we are so excited to tell everyone about us.

We abide by these Excellent Practices listed below;

Complete disclosure:

An associate will abide by our disclosure specifications from the state of California. A legal agreement binding the associate with the client Will be obligated to summarize the entire contract for you Payday Cash Advance purchase. Associates comply with the disclosure fee service as well as the APR for your Loan and/or Cash Advance. Here at America Loans, we are in full cooperation with the CFRA regulations as well as the local guidelines, state requirements and federal government laws.


An associate must abide by every local guideline, state requirement as well as federal government laws. We are not legally allowed to apply additional charges relating to your Payday Cash Advance. Once you are given your loan amount and you have scheduled your payment plan, you will be given your total amount with interest on what your full amount will be. There are no hidden fees guaranteed.

Marketing the Truth:

As a company here in California, we refuse to offer our services for Loans and Cash Advances in any way that is deceiving, inaccurate, or considered to be unreliable. Our marketing presentations are trustworthy, factual as well as straightforward. When you are an honest company, there is no need for lies, What we offer is exactly what you will be given. That is one of our strongest qualities, just being honest.

Promote Customer Accountability:

Upon receiving your loan or Cash Advance, you are going to be will advised of our policies regarding the process for payments. We will notify you by any type of contact method you have chosen, when your due date approaches. However, it is the responsibility of the individual to maintain and abide by their financial agreement. In a situation that the individual is not going to pay on time or becomes delinquent, we will be forced to take further actions towards collecting a payment.

Amounts carried over:

If for some reason that the individual who has applied for the loan is unable to pay the monthly amount due, then the amount will become overdue. We strictly enforce our policy which states that if there is an outstanding balance left over, it will not be rolled over to the next month, unless it is allowed by the state laws. Within the financial agreement, you should become familiar upon our payment options. There will be a set amount every week or month that is to be paid upon a certain date.

Appropriate collection practices:

An associate must obtain delinquent financial statements while using professionalism as well as adequate manners while communicating with customers. As an employee here at America Loans, we will never exploit, use personal threats or cause physical and emotion harm while trying to collect overdue balances. We provide the up most respect for our clients and would not refer to harassment in order to obtain our funds. If for some reason you ever feel threatened or pressured by an employee, Contact our office.


Each employee here will obied by our policies. We have several people on our management team who supervise on a daily basis. We strive and ensure all of our employees are working and performing their daily duties as advised. We maintain as well as assure a strict policy when it comes to being employed here at America Loans. Each associate has agreed to uphold and continue their integrity while working on the job.

Supporting our Legal Guidelines:

Our team here works alongside our California State Law makers and local authorities to ensure that all laws are being enforced when it comes to providing Payday Cash Advances. We have supported the laws with integrity and consistency while maintaining a credible loan business.

Lengthened Repayment Plans:

Every employee is able to offer our clients who find themselves incapable of repaying their Payday Advance or Loan consistent with their original loan agreement, a choice of trying to pay back their loans throughout an extended length of time. An associate will thoroughly explain our policy in regards to our Lengthened Repayment Schedule. If you are unable to pay your funds on time, the you will be given this option. However, when you sign a second agreement to repaying your loan over an extended period of time, then you are also obligated to pay on time. We are not able to offer anymore financial assistance beyond that point. If for some reason you are still enable to pay back your funds, even after an extended payment plan, your financial information will be submitted to our Collections Agency for further assistance.

Online Loans:

A company which provides online Payday Advances must be accredited within their state guidelines. A customer may only apply for loans in the state they are residing in. That individual must abide by the contract agreement guidelines as well as all other regulations regarding their Personal Loan or Online Payday Advance. There is no difference whether you apply for a Loan online or in person, the law will still apply to you.

Business and Employee Certifications:

Every business must display in their office or on their official website, all of their certificates, licenses and credentials for their business and employees. It is a legal regulation that you must provide visible information to customers. That is to show that you and your company are qualified in the profession you are in. If for some reason you can not see any of the information or it is not in a visible area, ask an associate and we will assist you in finding our credential certificates. Every person who is employed by America Loans must comply with a full background check as well as providing their personal qualified certificates.

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